Building Resilience: A Framework for Dealing with Stress and Adversity Across the Lifespan

“Though studies of resilience could fill a library, researchers have identified a shortlist of pillars and processes common to people who have overcome a difficult start in life and are able to cope when life becomes challenging. Among the factors most relevant to personal resilience are four pillars (awareness and self-reflection; personal skills that strengthen one’s identity; control over one’s life and fair treatment by others; and physical and mental health that results from physical activity, proper nutrition and good sleep hygiene) and three processes (living in diverse communities with abundant social support; experiencing safe spaces and leisure activities; and … Read More

In The Era Of Hygiene, ‘Clean’ Author Makes The Case For Showering Less

“[physician and health reporter James] Hamblin’s new book, Clean: The New Science of Skin, is a documentary survey of this pre-dawn moment in our understanding of the skin microbiome. [Emily Vaughn] Your book sets out to challenge some cultural norms about hygiene. What types of cleansing do you think are overdue for reexamination, and which are critical? [James Hamblin] There’s a distinction between “hygiene” and “cleansing rituals” that’s especially important in this moment. “Hygiene” is the more scientific or public health term, where you’re really talking about disease avoidance or disease prevention behaviors. Removal of mucus, vomit, blood feces … … Read More